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Small or Uneven Breasts? Insert Breast Implants in San Antonio, TX to Fix Them

Women want to look their best at all times. Breasts are an important feature of a woman's body that affect her appearance. If they aren't the right size for her frame or evenly balanced, the woman may not feel confident in the way that she looks. She may even have a hard time finding a swimsuit that fits properly. When she speaks to a cosmetic surgeon, he may recommend cosmetic surgeon houston tx as a solution. Breast Implants can increase the size of a woman's breasts. If one breast is bigger than the other, then the implant size can be varied to balance them.

While women may worry about the visual impact of scars left by an breast implant operation, there is no need to. Incisions are made in areas that are not visible. These include the crease under the breast, the dark area surrounding the nipple or the armpit. Surgeons may place the implant under the breast muscle or betweeen the breast muscle and the breast tissue located above it. Which location they choose may affect the placement of the incision. There is less pain associated with placing the implant underneath the breast tissue and the recovery time is faster.

However, a cosmetic surgeon san antonio tx may prefer placing it below the muscle because it reduces the possibility of capsular contraction. This occurs when then tissue around the implant becomes hardened. It is normal that the patient's tissue creates a lining around the implant. This lining is also called scar tissue. Problems occur when the lining becomes too hard. The surgeon then has to remove the scar tissue or score it so it can accommodate the implant. Breast cancer detection is also a consideration. Many doctors believe that placing an implant under the muscle provides a clearer mammogram.

In addition to being concerned about the size of their breasts, women also want firmer and higher breasts. After a cosmetic surgeon has performed a san antonio tx breast augmentation, he can perform a breast lift. During this procedure, excess tissue and skin is taken from the bottom of the breast and the area around the nipple. The remaining skin is then joined together. The result is a firmer breast with higher nipple.

Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are usually performed under general anaethesia in a hospital. Unless there are complications, the patient goes home after the surgery. The patient will have to wear a special bra until the stitches are taken out. Usually this occurs in about 10 days.